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Your sports equipment questions and comments are important to us. Contact a Sportsfield Specialties Direct Regional Sales Manager found below to assist you. Need immediate sales assistance?  Call Us: 1-888-975-3343

Kevin DeVantier Director of Sales National  - 704-738-3516
Keegan Mulholland Director of Projects National - 607-437-3473
Dan DeVantier Regional Sales Manager Northeast, Mid-Atlantic 607-746-1440 607-437-7301
Gregg Semenetz Regional Sales Manager Southeast - 607-643-1438
Greg Van Pelt Regional Sales Manager Great Lakes - 330-814-4567
Andrea Morones Regional Sales Manager Southwest - 607-643-1652
Vicki Merrill Customer Service Manager National - -
Lauren Iwanow Customer Service Representative Northeast, Mid-Atlantic 607-746-1454 607-267-6311
Doug Sohns Customer Service Representative Midwest, West 607-746-1482 607-437-3392
Jacob Cadle Customer Service Representative Southeast, Great Lakes 704-738-2170 704-738-3507
Sean Whittaker Project /
Installation Manager
National 443-955-1748