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While we will do everything we can to accommodate you, in most cases we prefer vector-based illustrations in Encapsulated Postscript (.eps), or PDF format. Please convert all text to paths/outlines or include fonts in your submission to ensure font compatibility. We can also accept high resolution .JPG or .TIF files in CMYK color mode to prevent unexpected color shift. File formats not mentioned, may not be usable.


Please make sure your graphic can be sized to fit the final product accordingly. In some cases, a bleed and/or trimming may be required. Please ensure that the resolution of your non-vector images are 300dpi or higher.


There are a few ways to send us your graphic files. If a file is under 10MB, an email to your Regional Sales Representative is our preferred method of submission. For files that are larger than 10MB, we offer FTP submission services. If an internet connection is unavailable, you can also send us a CD-R / DVD-R and mail it to us via USPS/FedEx or UPS.